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Never forget to share happiness.

This day, people are so busy that they forget their loved one's birthday, anniversary, or other occasions. When they come to know that time it's too late to order cake. In that case, Malabon Flora is here to help you. We will bring you to your time. The time can be the same day you order or midnight, whatever the time is. Some people don't like eggs. So we made eggless or meatless cake depending on your preference. 



chocolate cake


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Chocolate Dream Cake

₱799.00 ( $ 15.50 )

₱1599.00 ( $ 31.02 )

What's So Superior in Cake

Nowadays, Cake has become a vital part of our life. A special occasion without Cake is just a meeting. And that's why Malabon Flora is by your side to make your special event more special. We are always ready to serve cakes in any of your circumstances. Besides, our delivery service is as particular as our cakes. You can order anytime and get our cakes at your fingertips in no time. 


As a result, even if you forget the special moment of your loved one, you don't have to worry about getting your loved one upset. Whenever you remember, Malabon Flora is by your side and will arrive with your special Cake in no time. That's why we prepare special cakes for various occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries, Halloween, etc. One slice of our Cake is enough to live a sweet life.


Best Birthday Cake in Las Pinas City

Cake has become an essential item to celebrate any occasion these days. It's true indeed; without cake, any celebration looks incomplete. Cakes add a different level of happiness to any event. And if the cake is this chocolate flavor, then there is no more to say because everyone loves it. Also, It is an excellent idea to gift a Chocolate cake if you don't like the person's taste.


You may carry a cake when you visit your relatives' house. You can have it as your afternoon snack and share it with all your family. It is sure that your toddlers will love it because of its flavor. So teste once from use. It is really delicious food. We also have an outstanding service which is same-day delivery assistance in the Philippines. 


Make Your Events Special With Cake

A cake is not only served as a dessert at any event. It is as essential as any other indispensable part of the event. It describes your event, so picking the cake according to the occasion is required. Malabon Flora will deliver you the cake of your choice, depending on the occasion, which will make your event more special. The guests attending the event will be ready to eat a slice of heaven, and the happiness of their life will start from there.


So, to share the moment with all, celebrate the particular time with this Chocolate cake. Visit our website for the demo and packaging style—a container box with a beautiful colored ribbon. The ribbon has variety. You can choose as you wish. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a famous cake from the Philippines?

In the Philippines, most people love many kinds of cakes. But there are some cakes here that are highly rated in the Philippines. These are Bibingka, Sans rival, and Kutsinta. Here every item is testy from one to another. These items are Philippines natives' food. 


Q2. How do I send a cake to the Philippines?

Malabon Flora is here to send the cake on your behalf. A trusted online platform to deliver cakes, flower bouquets, and other gifts to any place in the Philippines. Even we have same day delivery service which may be helpful for you. 


Q3. What is the most expensive cake?

The most costly cake whose price starts from a million dollars. The most pricey cake in the world is the Runway Cake. If you want to purchase one for yourself, then you have to pay $10 million dollars. It's really a high-expense cake.