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Send your darling a flower bouquet with a flower vase to cherish your memories with her. It is made of glass, and the design of this vase is excellent, which anyone will like. It will enrich the beauty of your living room. The reason for choosing this vase is because of its affordable price. We don't want that pressure on your pocket. Also, we will carefully carry your product to the promised destination on time with our best delivery service.

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Clear Vase

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Flower Vase For Living Room

A flower vase is one of the best things to decorate the living space. It is a symbol of tastefulness. If someone comes to visit your house and if they see a lovely flower vase in your living area, it will make a good impression on them. So, keep a stunning flower vase in your living room to enhance indoor beauty. 


Which flower will be most suitable for your interior space? This question looks so simple. But the answer is not so easy. Many of us get confused when we go to the mart to buy flower vases for them. It is mainly recognized in Pasig city. We have the solution to this question. Check out our flower vase collection. A simple, minimalistic vase is perfect. If it is much more gorgeous, it may look odd. 

Flower Vase Price in the Philippines

We know that beautiful things always cost a little more. That’s why a flower vase is always a costly product. But if you buy it at the retail price, it costs more—specifically the ceramic flower vase. Because ceramic flower vases look more attractive than plastic flower vases, plastic flower vases cost less than ceramic. But there is also a matter with the plastic bloom vase. It may also occur that the poundage of the flowers may drive the vase to fall.


That’s why everyone prefers ceramic flower vases. Hence the price of glass vases is high as the demand is high. But Malabon Flora buys it from the company at an immense amount with the wholesale price. That’s why we offer our customers the vase price at a low cost because customer satisfaction is more important to us. Therefore we sell products at a minimal profit.

Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic stuff always looks great. That’s why the price of this thing is always high. If you want to buy a flower vase for your home, we suggest you take a ceramic flower vase because it looks so lovely. And if you think you will gift someone a flower vase, don’t think about the plastic flower vase. Because if you buy it, the seller and the producer will be encouraged to make and sell more. 


But you know that plastic is very much harmful to the earth. Plastic takes an extended time to rot and mix with the soil for about 400 years. This number is not a fixed amount. Again giving someone a plastic vase looks a little cheap. So it is most acceptable to use or present a ceramic vase. It will boost your impression. Also, you are not damaging the world. That is a great thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the meaning of a flower vase?

A flower vase is a pot that puts the cut flowers to hold. It uses to boost the indoor loveliness of the house. Always try to take a ceramic flower vase because it has many benefits. It also looks more beautiful than the plastic flower vase. 

Q2. What is a ceramic vase?

A ceramic vase is a container of cut flowers made from natural materials or specifically formulated clay. There are multiple types of ceramic vases that you will discover on our website. 

Q3. Why are vases made of glass?

Glass vases look lovely and easy to use and clean. It is better than a plastic vase. Plastic is harmful to the earth and body also. So always try to use a ceramic vase.