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The Well-known Malabon City

Algoreth’s “Etimologias Filipinas” says that Malabon. Once a quaint town, was named “Tambobong” more than four hundred years ago.

Tambobong was said to be one of the tribal domain of Rajah Soliman, cousin of Rajah Matanda of the nearby Manila area. The former name originated from the numerous tambo trees that grows only in this area. The name describes the abundant tender and edible shoots of the bamboo: “labong”, which was one of the original ingridients of Malabon’s signature dish: the Pancit “Malabon”. To digest your food and have fun is to go on trip to San Bartolome Church is a Roman Catholic Church. A simple yet elegant retablo can be found in the chancel where the icon of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle is surrounded by the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. You should visit the Immaculada Concepcion De Malabon whereas the interiors are well kept and beautiful. With one of the few Marian images in the Philippines that is canonically crowned. This church is always an option for weddings because of its beautifully crafted design. Visit the Sy Juco House/Mansion. This place used to be a school, a tobacco factory and a private home for a Swiss-Filipino family.  A must-visit if you are looking for ancestral houses built during the Spanish Era. Next is the Ibaviosa House and the Patis Factory. Where was originally made of bamboo and nipa. An ancestral pre-war house that said to be seen and endured the Filipino-Japanese war.

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